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The New Hekaforge Productions Convention and Event Demonstration Program for the Lejendary Adventure

Hekaforge Productions has finally devised a method for rewarding those fans that have provided us with support above and beyond the cause of normal fandom. We think that it will provide a unique opportunity to those players of the Lejendary Adventure that are looking for more materials, and are willing to run either demonstartions or events in order to procure these items.

-and here's the best part.

The "materials" are being provided absolutely free of charge from Hekaforge.

Here's how the program works:

Hekaforge Productions is currently in the process of creating a line of full production event and tournament modules that are designed to run in a single gaming session (start to finish). These modules will be 24 to 36 pages, and will resemble our lengthier production modules in all aspects other than the fact that some might not have ful-color covers. These modules will NEVER be sold through stores, and will only be available as our means of thanking those players that are willing to run events/demos. As such, they will, of course, be HIGHLY collectible. Here's how to get one:

Decide to run either an event or store demonstration, and contact the store or events coordinator for the event. If it is for a convention, fill out the paperwork to get the event scheduled.
Provide us with contact information for either the store owner or the event coordinator, as well as the means by which they would prefer to be contacted by Hekaforge (phone, fax, or e-mail). Let us know, as well, which module you would like to run so that we know which one to send you. Your shipping address will, of course, be required as well.
We (Hekaforge) will then contact the event coordinator to make sure that they are in support of the event or demo, as well as to ascertain any special needs that they might have. Any special requirements will be communicated back to the player running the demo, and if all concerned are happy with the result, well Priority Mail the module to your requested address free of charge.
Players that wish to run multiple events at conventions will also receive additional merchandising benefits like free t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc- although these have as yet to be determined. If there is a convention that you are planning to attend in the immediate future, please drop me a line at fuzhero@aol.com

After you have run your event or demo, we will check with the store owner or event coordinator to assess their level of satisfaction with the demo. Players will never be penalized other than in cases of "no-shows", but will be rewarded for exceptional performance. Players that do not host an event that they have scheduled will be precluded from further participation in this program. If sickness or injury prevent your attending an event, we will take these factors into account, but will also ask for your assistance in finding another player to run a scheduled event.
That's about it! Comments, inquiries, and criticisms are appreciated. There are currently six of these event modules planned for the product line, with a strong possibility of more in the near future if support for this program warrants it.



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