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By Gary Gygax

© 2001 Trigee Enterprises Company. All rights reserved.

There is little doubt that the concern of the Ordered Avatar having an advantage over that of the Unordered on in the Lejendary AdventureTM game is motivated principally by players concerned with having characters with the greatest advantage possible. Fair enough. Although that smacks of power gaming, in truth most players want that, and in that majority I include myself.  The reason isn’t for Avatar might and domination, thus. It is to insure the viability of one’s game persons. To think solely of small advantage, though, is to lose sight of the bigger picture. The LA game system facilitates the creation of a special character that suits the individual player, not merely somewhat varied cookie-cutter ones. There is also the aspect of roleplay, something far too often overlooked by those bent on making combat the primary reason for playing. That is sad, as the game form offers so much more. Without discarding swordplay, rather enhancing the times for hack & slash, this system enables and encourages the enjoyment of the whole of the elements of the RPG!

All of that is actually just a roundabout way of saying that it is quite possible to develop Unordered Avatars that have a high potential for success and advancement. Although so doing does take away from some of the roleplay potential for such characters, with a bit of imagination and creativity, one can indeed devise Avatars of Unordered stamp that have considerable promise.

Below are two examples I literally “whipped up” to demonstrate my point. In perusing them, remember to refer to the new advancement table for Unordered Avatars attaining the “ranks” in their first Ability—at 61 and each 10 points thereafter through 131. Onwards!

Unordered Avatar: Carlos Delgato

Carlos Delgato is the third son of a petty noble.  Always up to some mischief, hot-headed and troublesome, his father, Don Diego, determined to send Carlos to the priesthood.  Of course, the youth would have none of that.  When a carnival troupe passed through, Carlos left the castle, joined up.  He took his "rightful inheritance" with him, thus totally alienating himself from his father.  As he learned the skills of these entertainers, he maintained his rigorous personal routine of arms practice.  Being bright and charming, Carlos soon managed to wheedled the hedge magician of the troupe, became her apprentice.  Now, several years later, he has the following stats and Abilities.

Initial H 38 + 15 + 2 = 55

Initial P 50 + 7 + 4 = 61

Initial S 12 +2 + 0.5 = 14.5 (58)

1st: Weapons 61

2nd: Minstrelsy 49 + 2 for 61 initial Ability = 51 (+5 to hand-hurled Weapons, +5 Harm, +5' range)

3rd: Chivalry 33 (+6 to Weapons, +6 to Harm)

4th: Enchantment 23 (see list of Powers below)

5th Tricks 10 + 2 for 61 initial Ability = 12 (+1 to Harm)

Enchantment--one Memory Tablet with:

    Flame Finger

    Lighter than Air

    Personal Armor 1

    Weapon Wizard

Attack: Adjusted Weapons Ability of 66 with striking weapon, 71 with hand-hurled weapon, all not including any weapon precision bonuses applicable; Harm by weapon +7 striking weapon, +12 hand-hurled weapon. (Weapon Wizard Power negates attack penalty when using Minstrelsy Ability in defense.)

Defense: Leather half armor 6, +5 Minstrelsy Ability use, +2 Personal Armor 1 Power effect = 13.

Carlos has considerable equipment and cash left from what he took when leaving his father's castle.  This includes a fine courser and two excellent swords.

He is growing bored with the entertainment troupe, restless, yearning for derring-do so as to prove his worth as a swordsman and adventurer.

In the above example, advancement will add to Minstrelsy and Tricks Abilities, at 81 and then 91Weapons score, Enchantment will be also be given a large boost. At 131 Chivalry will see a gain. Of course, new Abilities added will also benefit.

Unordered Avatar: Jivros Sylgar

Jivros Sylgar is the only son of an adventurous geourge (Leo Sylgar) and a tribal chieftain’s daughter, Jalki.  When a war party from another tribe wiped out the village, Jivros was away at a coastal town, learning skills of martial arts sorts.  Returning, he found his parents dead, his little sister missing.  Knowing he was powerless to do anything, he allowed his desire for revenge to cool, returned to perfect his martial arts.  Now, several years later, equipped with such fighting capacity, and with the knowledge taught to him by his father and mother, Jivros is a wanderer, determined to soon seek out those who slaughtered his family and tribe, exact a gory revenge.  He has the following stats and Abilities.

Initial H 44 + 16 + 1 = 61

Initial P 44 + 10 + 1 = 55

Initial S 12 + 3 + 0.25, + 0.5, + 0.5, + 0.5 = 16.75 (67)

1st: Unarmed Combat 61

2nd: Geourgy 54 + 2 for 61 initial Ability = 56 (see list of Powers below)

3rd: Divination40 + 2 for 61 initial Ability = 42

4th: Savagery 27 + 2 for 61 initial Ability = 29 (+ 2 to Weapons and such Harm)

5th Weapons 10

Geourgy--two Memory Tablets from his father’s  property with:

Command circle materials formerly belonging to father

Protection circle materials formerly belonging to father

(seven activations TBD)

Divination means—four types (TBD)


Unarmed Combat base 61, +12 Harm to target subject.

Adjusted Weapons 18 (10 + 6 for Unarmed Combat + 2 for Savagery Ability) = 18 with striking weapon, he having a thrusting sword, add weapon precision bonus 20, this totals 38; Harm bonus + 2.

Defense: Cloth half armor 4, + 6 Unarmed Combat Ability defense = 10.

Jivro has moderate equipment and some small amount of cash left from what he recovered from the place his father hid his wealth.

He is currently wandering in search of a band of stalwarts who will join him in his quest to destroy the murderous tribe of raiders mentioned.

This Avatar, having Unarmed Combat as his prime Ability, can choose which Base Rating will be applied when benchmark cores of 71, 81, etc. are attained. Of course, with his next three Abilities being Speed-based, the choice is immediately obvious. Later acquisition of new Abilities could alter that, but that’s not too likely, considering…

So there you have it. Comments, as usual, are always welcomed.



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