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First and foremost, roleplaying as about having fun. That's what we have aimed for in the new RPG. The system is "rules lite," skill based, facilitates any style of play or feature focus-from hack & slash to storytelling-covering and open to any and all in between. A story one new Lejend Master related to us about his first game session speaks well for how the system works. He was using the Lejendary Road adventure module, a series of events that takes the players from mundane persons to LA game Avatars through the course of the scenarios presented in the work. One of the group was adamant. He would not participate, for only D&D was of interest. However, he monitored the session, "just to see how badly it went." In short order the hold-out was roleplaying a kobold Avatar, because he decided he was bored just watching, might have a little fun being disruptive. About an hour later the kobold was the "life of the party," hitting on giantesses, testing system, LM, and fellows. To make a long story short, at the conclusion of the session this fellow allowed that perhaps the LEJENDARY ADVENTURE game was okay for a change of pace. Quite so!

Of course we hope to make it the main RPG played by a group. Being rules-lite, it is easy for the LM to manage. Players have an easy time creating their Avatars from only three main stats, equipping them, understanding the mechanics, so they can get on with the game. The wide variety of non-human Avatar choices-13 total-none of which are quite like those in any other FRPG make selection of such a character interesting and fresh. Rules lawyers are distraught as there so little ground for them to argue from that they are virtually lost. There are just enough rules in the work to empower the Lejend Master, enable the players to know how things work, but none for encumbering play or complicating it. Generally, when a roll is needed, d% covers it.
The Abilities are broad, as mentioned already. Each is rated by a percentile score. A human Avatar has five Abilities, Alfar (non-human) one six or in one case seven. It is not merely skill-based, but skills are bundled to make them broad and checks against them less frequently required. When necessary, one LA game "Ability" likely serves where most other systems would require several skills, and dice rolls too. Again the player has a choice in regards to how skills are selected. If an archetype sort of character is desired, the player chooses an Order, an Elementalist for example, thus having initial Abilities decreed, nit selected. The player may choose to have only the first required Ability for an Order, or all, however. Flexibility! For complete freedom, the player can opt to create an Unordered Avatar and choose whatever Abilities seem best.

The adventure is the thing, and with the LA game system it takes only a little time to create an Avatar and get to the play part of things. To facilitate all styles of play, the reward system used gives "Merits" for use of Abilities and for participation in the adventure. Killing and accumulation of wealth are not primary measures of advancement. For example, fighting and defeating some creature will likely earn only a few Ability Specific Merits, say in Weapons other Abilities used in the process. Meantime, an hour of good play earns the Avatar 100 General Merits that can be applies to Ability increase, the learning of a new Ability, or even addition to base stats-the Avatar's Base Ratings of Health, Precision, and Speed. Assuming a campaign that focuses mainly on roleplay, Abilities such as Arcana, Learning, Evaluation, Pretense, Scrutiny, and Urbane will used. On the other hand, is combat is the order of the day, Abilities such as Archery, Chivalry, Physique, Savagery, Tricks Unarmed Combat, and Weapons are paramount. All in between those are covered by Abilities. Any sort of Avatar, any sort of play focus, is not merely accommodated but enabled by the LA game system.


From your being here you undoubtedly know that the core of the system is covered in three books-Lejendary Rules for All Players, Lejend Master's Lore, and Beasts of Lejend. Sourcebooks written but not yet in print include the LEJENDARY EARTH TM World Setting, Lejendary Pantheons, and two world settings, the Key of Sand and Maledicted Plateau. More such world area sourcebooks are in process of creation now. In addition to a sturdy LM screen, there are now several adventure modules available, more waiting to be released, and still many others being created. In all there are about a score of products ready for printing and release over the next couple of years, with design work ongoing to keep new material coming. Support extends beyond that.

In the spring of this year, 2001, Hekaforge Productions will launch a monthly magazine, LEJENDS. Its initial size will be 36 pages of a full 8.5 by 11-inch proportions with little white space. Content is game-intensive, full of new material for the LA game system, but includes regular columns and features covering fantasy in general and game play. I know this because I've contributed sufficient material to fill about eight issues. Far from being the only writer, though, LEJENDS Magazine actively seeks "outside" material, and even at this early date many articles have been submitted and approved for publication.

Add to this the new line of fantasy adventure novels set on the LEJENDARY EARTH world, and it is clear that the game is supported to the hilt, and it is here to stay. The initial book in the new line of novels is The Eye of Glory, a fast-paced and very exciting Swords & Sorcery yarn that has a lot more than action in its pages. The author, Martin Dougherty, manages to slip in character development and some surprising turns of events. The novel is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble and other online book sellers. More like it will follow.

Beyond all that, we plan to broaden the base of the LA game system. It was designed to accommodate genres other that fantasy, so late this year or early next, Hekaforge will be releasing several core rules books and a sourcebook-adventure for the LEJENDARY ASTEROGUES TM Fantastical Science RPG. This genre is a sort of steam-punk meets super science in an age that's a mix of the 18th century and Victorian Era…with the super-science added! Following that genre expansion, we will bring out and support others-science fiction, weird science, and alternate "Wild West" are being worked on, and we are interested in adding horror and other genres too later on. It is important to note that something like 90% of the core rules system translates, or will do so, exactly to each new genre. To add new vistas to the campaign neither Lejend Master nor players will have to worry about learning new rules, a few at best. Also, there are provisions for playing Avatars from the Fantasy genre game in the Fantastical Science one, and this provision will be extended to other genres as they are added.

Having read this far, you are likely feeling put upon. Well, that's what you get when the dedicated and much enthused creator of a new RPG system is asked to write an introductory piece for the new LA game portion here on the DRAGONSFOOT website:) Hoping that you enjoy the material here, and wishing you all the best in whatever you do,

Gary Gygax
Lake Geneva, WI
June 2001



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