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Breath Holding

Lejendary Rules for All Players Addition

By Gary Gygax & Carey L. Brooks

To find the amount of time in seconds the Avatar or NAC can hold their breath use the following formula:

Current Health + Current Speed = Number of seconds an Avatar can hold his/her breath while fully active

Note: current Speed does not consider penalty reductions for shield, armor, etc.
For motionless the number of seconds is effectively doubled.

Example of Breath holding Capacity:

Health: 57 Speed: 12

The above statistics represent an Avatar with the capacity to fight underwater, or while holding their breath for 1 minute and 9 seconds (57 +12), before a breath must be taken.

The above statistics also represent an Avatar who can simply hold their breath while doing nothing for 2 minutes and 18 seconds.

For every second that an Avatar holds their breath past their figured limit, he or she loses 10 points from their current Health score and a successful check against the reduced score must be made. A failure results in the Avatar becoming unconscious. In an underwater environment, failure results in the death of the Avatar.

Exception: If the Avatar is drawn from the water and his/her lungs are cleared of water within 5 minutes after death by drowning thus, artificial respiration applied thereafter has a base 90% less 10 per minute of being drowned chance of restoring the Avatar to life.

Example of Resuscitation:

An Avatar drowns, is under water for three minutes thereafter before being brought into open air and worked on to revive. The base chance for success is then 90 – 30, so there is a 60% chance of success. If the one attempting resuscitation has Luck Ability, 10% of that score would be added to the success chance.

Special Breath Holding Capacity:

An Avatar with Rustic, Savagery, or Waterfaring Ability that spends time actively engaged in swimming underwater will increase their breath holding capacity by 1% for every day thus engaged in such activity. The limit for such increase is 300%. Veteran coral, pearl, and sponge divers, for instance, will all have triple normal breath holding capacity.

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