Manual of Professions
Dragonsfoot's own manual of character classes and optional rules for the First Edition AD&D game system.
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Welcome to Dragonsfoot's Manual of Professions.  

This first volume contains the Bounty Hunter, the Bravo, the Elven Protector Knight, the Monk-Acrobat, the Redeemer, the Templar, the Shade and the Temporal mage. Also contained are some optional rules for the Ranger and the Thief.

NEW!! Sevenfold Fighter Kits. A bonus addition to the Manual of Professions. (PDF 239Kb)

Download the Manual of Professions, Volume 1. (PDF 533Kb)
Get the full colour A4 cover for volume 1. (JPEG 330Kb)
A Dungeoneer's Guide to Aeronautics. A bonus addition to the Manual of Professions volume I.
(PDF 155Kb)
Sevenfold Fighter Kits, some new fighter kits for AD&D 2nd edition. (PDF 239Kb)
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