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Welcome to Dragonsfoot, the home of First Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons!
Here at Dragonsfoot you will find more free, quality and original First Edition AD&D resources than anywhere else on the net. Available here are new Adventure Modules, Gaming Worlds, Character Classes, New Monsters, Articles and much more.
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Simulacrum Games

Dragonfoot now has a new Simulacrum Games section.

Retro-clones have become a very popular way of creating new material compatible with classic RPGs, keeping the games alive and introducing new players to Old School adventuring. DF now has its own section for these great systems.


Latest Uploads
Name Generator by Ardano Silverbow
A spreadsheet to generate business/tavern names, based on an article from Dragon Annual 2000.
BECMI/RC Magic User Spell Cards by Chris Esposito
This set of spell cards, containing a card for every magic-user spell, will ensure that all the spell information you might need is at your fingertips.
VarietyPax Fantasy maps by VarietyPax
These picture maps were designed by VarietyPax for Virtual Tabletop (VTT) tactical situations, but the versions with hex overlays can be printed out and used with miniatures. If you like the style, you can find more similar maps (some free to all viewers, some only for patrons) at the 'VarietyPax Fantasy Tokens and Art' patreon.
The Magnificent Cottage of Bartholomew Krimm by M. W. Poort
Bartholomew Krimm was old and grim. A wizard grey and dour. He left one day, wither none can say, upon the dawning hour...and left behind a magnificent cottage ripe for the picking. Dawdle not! A BLUEHOLME Journeymanne Rules compatible adventure for 3-5 characters of 1st or 2nd level.
OSRIC Pre-Generated Characters: Vol. 3 by M. W. Poort
20 pre-generated characters of 7th to 10th level for use with OSRIC compatible adventures at conventions or pick-up games, or whenever time is of the essence.

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2E Combined Encounter Tables
By Kane
A set of 2E AD&D encounter tables, combining all the monster sources from the game.
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