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As part of Dragonsfoot's mission statement we are doing everything we can to bring the RPG community together, especially Dungeons & Dragons and 1st Edition Dungeon & Dragons.
Creating these web rings will assist roleplaying web surfers to locate the good roleplaying websites and as we all know, these sites help keep classic games alive and kicking! ;)

So, three webrings have been created here at Dragonsfoot. Original Dungeons & Dragons, 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and Lejendary Adventures.

We are more than willing to add more rings, just fill in the suggestions form below and send me your thoughts.

Remember to join our ring if you have a RPG website. Keep roleplay alive!



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TOWR1: Secret of the Sinister Sect
By John Gorkowski
A steady stream of unexplained disappearances threatens to displace Salt Bath's reputation as a village famous for its natural mineral spring that attracts pilgrims from miles around. Could something sinister be at play? An adventure for about four, 1st or 2nd level characters.
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