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There are heaps of excellent materials for your AD&D game available on Dragonsfoot, yet we also have a collection of Dragonsfoot Publications that we feel deserved the full production treatment, such as professional DTP and cover art.


Currently Available For Download
We like to believe that putting this extra effort into producing quality roleplay material for your AD&D games helps keep the flames burning; adding fresh new colours into an already rich tapestry of material available around the globe.
DF5 : Horror Of Spider Point Module DF6 : Horror Of Spider Point Map Pack DF7 : Monstrous Tome I
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DF10 : Manual of Professions DF11 : Guide to the Realms of Aedenne DF12 : High Atop Dragonmount module
Download Download Download
DF14 : Goblins Tooth I : Moonless Night – The Defence of Goblins Tooth
Goblins Tooth II : Moonless Night – Faces Of Evil
DF15 : Monstrous Tome II
Download Download Download
DF16: Skein Of The Death Mother
DF17: The Endless Tunnels Of Enlandin
DF18: Where the Fallen Jarls Sleep
Download Download Download
DF19: Church of the Poisoned Mind
DF20: Voices Of The Three
DF21: Beneath Black Towen
Download Download Download
DF22: Shadow Over Pendleton
DF23: The Haunted Keep
DF24: Stormcrows Gather
Download Download Download
DF25: To Light The Shadows
DF26: The Forgotten City of Al-Arin
DF27: Red Tam's Bones
Download Download Download
DF28: The Banked Swamp
DF29: The Ruins of the White Watch
DF30: The Village with no Name
Download Download Download
DF31: The Garden of the Hag Queen
DF32: The Tower of Azal'Lan
DF33: Stele of the Silver Thane
  Download Download Download  
DF34: Mistress of the Ghost City
Tournament Modules:
DFT1: Trident Rock
DFT2: The Battle For Gib Rus
DFT2S: The Battle For Gib Rus: Supplementary Documents
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The Footprints e-zine can be found here.

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A Malevolent Medley
By William Littlefield
Fifty nifty traps and tricks for use in any fantasy setting
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