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Welcome to the newly re-vamped spells wing of the Dragonsfoot Library 'Ars Magica'.

This library contains unique spells of all types, from a variety of sources. The spells within this library come from both us here at Dragonsfoot and also the visitors to the site.

The spell library is now housed in an online database, making it far easier for us to update the library as well as making it possible for you to search for the spells you are specifically interested in.

It could not be easier to submit a spell to the library.

Either simply email it to me along with your name and your contact email address. (If you do not wish your name and contact details to be supplied with the spell them please make this clear in your communication.) or submit your spell online with the minimum of fuss!

Enter the Library
Search the Library
Submit your Spell
Enter the Library
Enter the Spell Library
View the contents of the Dragonsfoot Spell Library.
Go to this web page.
Search the Library
Search the Spell Library
Track down that illusive spell; search our massive spell library for the arcane effect you require!
Go to this web page.
Submit your Spell
Submit your spell
Contribute your spell into the Dragonsfoot Spell Library for thousands of Arcane Users to use!
Go to this web page.
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